Keep in shape at the outdoor gym with weights and ropes at Rancho Caracol. The obstaclecourse in the forest, the mini golf and games will be part of the experience. Same as in yourhome town, you can work daily and go to the gym, but here also having a beachfront pool andthe beach just by going down the stairs.You can also enjoy this area with a group of friends or family. The obstacles course is designedso it can be used also by kids. We have a great wifi there, so you always be connected in caseyou need it. You can also bring the weights beachfront and enjoy the ocean while you do theexercises.The gym also has a bar, electricity and water. For a group it could be set up with furnitures forremote work or a party. It has a kitchen nearby.Our property also has around 3km of trails inthe forest, internal roads, stairs directly to thebeach, if you want to expand outdoor exercises or games like hiking.

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