Beach towns in central America with history, culture and original vibe

Planning your next vacation to experience the original Central America may seem like a complicated task.

The key is in finding a destination and accommodation that allows you to relax under the warm sun and swaying palm trees of the tropics, and at the same time enjoy the original charm of small cities like Tulum, MX in the Caribbean,  Sauylita,MX in the pacific, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua  and Montezuma in Costa Rica.

So where can you find this type of secluded oasis? Here are the four maybe most famous cities in Central America, which all of them started out as small fishermens towns that attracted tourists to small restaurants and right after this came small hotels and tourist developments. These places are famous for keeping close to their roots and to their local culture.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is on the Caribbean side and home to important ruins from the great Mayan empire during their rule in Mexico. Although the views of the ruins are considered breathtaking, the same can be said of the gorgeous white sand beaches lining the coast of the city. Tulum has been known for many small places and a very laid back atmosphere close to the original way of living.

Sauylita. Mexico

Sauylita is on the pacific side, a fishermans village developing in surf and eco-tourism. The town has a pedestrian street and culturally it is rewarded as one of Mexico´s “pueblos magicos” because of its enforcement of the orfinal Mexican culture fx in shops and streets. Also famous for no cars in the central city and for the dedication for the small and eco-friendly style.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur is a Nicaraguan coastal paradise that sits along the edge of a crescent shaped bay of the same name,  also originally a fishermans village in a harmonomic bay attracting many who want to experience the small town original lifestyle where you can easily walk around in the streets of San Juan del Sur. Still today with fishermans boats in the bay  to watch from the famous restaurant street along the bay and sale of fresh fish from shops. This vibrant but small original beach town has everything needed for the perfect vacation. From San Juan del Sur you can also reach many surf beaches including Playa Maderas which is the most famous one. The Maderas area is an evolving area, which also attracts many surfers and yoga groups.

Montezuma, Costa Rica

The town of Montezuma is in the same way a popular tourist destination that was a humble fishing village until a tourism boom in the 1980s. Montezuma is in the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula – so it takes time to go there – and also therefore it has kept its original charm and local vibe.

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